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Sought after in almost every transaction made across the globe is quality.

ibs recognize that delivering only high quality products is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship with their customers.Armed with   this knowledge ibs have hand selected their suppliers to boast an impressive line up of brands and products which are all at the forefront of their respected fields.ibs proudly offer their products with the confidence they will deliver their intended performance and also provide full technical backup and assistance across their entire range.



In every walk of life those that are successful, those that are winners, those at the top of their game all share a common characteristic... Experience.

Experience is the defining trait essential to any organization with hopes of being successful. Ibs posses a team that has experience not just in years served in the industrial supplies market but also in servicing a diverse range of niche market segments. This wealth of experience and exposure to a vast array of businesses has given ibs the ability to confidentially meet all of their customer's needs and requirements.


Excellence is what separates the great from the average, the strong from the weak, the winners from the crowd.

In the fast paced business world competition is fierce and failure to be extraordinary may lead to your demise. Being aware of this ibs are dedicated to attaining excellence throughout every aspect of their operations. From the smallest task through to the largest project and encompassing every facet of business, ibs strive for excellence so that they meet and exceed their customer's expectations.